Mahmudur Rahman

Mahmudur Rahman

Mahmudur Rahman

Web Marketing Solution for E-Marketing in one of the leading Clipping path, Graphic Design, Desktop Publishing, and Prepress Services Offshore Outsourcing company based in Virginia, USA with an offshore Design Studio in Indian Subcontinent.

– Internet Marketing
– Search Engine Optimization (SEO),
– Search Engine Marketing (SEM),
– Social Media Optimization (SMO),
– Social Media Marketing (SMM),
– E-Marketing,
– Email Marketing,
– SMS Marketing,
– Web Design & Development,
– Keyword or Keyphrase Research
– Webcopy & Marketing Content Development
– Link Building
– Managing Internet Marketing Projects
– Establish Web Marketing Solution as Independent Wing
– Supervise and Internet Marketing Quality Assurance
– Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
– Design Strategies for Other types of Marketing Process Outsource
– Corporate Blogging & Online Branding
– Web Design & Development

I have sound knowledge in Website Development mainly using Joomla CMS/MySQL and other web Technologies like PHP, Java Script, CSS, ASP.Net. I also have adequate knowledge in online marketing to be a Marketing Executive.

I have good experience in Database designing and software development using MSSQL Server and Visual Studio.Net mainly in C#.Net.

I have excellent knowledge to Buildup Network Infrastructure in a company, Managing & Administrating Windows based Servers.Which will be an extra benefit for those who will recruit me in their company.


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